Creating a Inspiration Room


Why Have A Inspiration Room? In creating a successful life you need a space in your home where you call your Inspiration Room.  It’s a place in your home that makes you smile and unwind.  Your oasis, hideaway or retreat right in your home.  This room will encourage you to become motivated and help to think and create idea’s and dreams.

How to Create?

  1.  Pick A Room- Find a room in your house where you can use a designated space for you only.  Can be any room or closet in your house.
  2. Create beautiful colors that cause inspiration-
    1. Yellow- brings energy, joy, brightness, happiness and prosperity.
    2. Green -brings nature, relaxation, hope and health.
    3. Blue- brings loyalty, reflection, quietness, peace and faith.
    4. Purple- brings ambition, reflection, royalty, dreams and creativity.
    5. White- Cleanliness, purity, softness and understanding

3. Add beautiful candles. Candles are calming to our soul. They reduce stress and help us to relax.

4. Put on soft music. Classical music reduces stress, sparks creativity,  and supercharges brain power. Jazz music physically changes your mood and  improves verbal memory, focus and mood.

5. Grab tea and beverage of your choice. Something relaxing, chamomile or green tea.

6. Lastly always have a pen and paper or Computer to catch any idea’s and thought’s you have.

This room can be used for a War Room, add bibles/ books/ scriptures.  It also can be used as a Oasis Room- or Room for creating visions / dreams and ideas.  With everything in life, have patience – the more you use the room, the more you will look forward to that time where you go to create some wonderful things in your life. Perfect room to write in your War Binder / Prayer or Gratitude Journals. You will see your life start to change by spending time creating and visualizing your dream life.


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