Living Your Best Life!

In life when were asked the question, what does Success look like, what does it feel like? Often times people equate success with money.  People think money is happiness and if they have it, then they have achieved a lot in life.  I’m reminded of a movie I seen last week called All The Money In The World.  This guy was a billionaire, but money was never enough.  He wasn’t genuinely happy.  He always thought people were around him for his money, and he never wanted to spend because he said even though he was a billionaire, if you could count your money then your not rich.  He didn’t have family and friends and laughter because his main goal was only seeking more money.

All the money in the world still can’t buy happiness.  Look at some of the celebrities in the world who have went on drugs, and addicted to alcohol and sex because their looking for happiness, their looking for a certain feeling that they cannot achieve.  They shop and spend money recklessly. Buy cars and houses, but still feel lonely and unsuccessful.


Yes money will help you live a great life, but that’s just a part.  A big part of living your best life is being Christian and having the love and faith in God. You develop such a inner peace and joy.  The other part to that is to find something that you enjoy.  When are you truly happy? What does your best day’s look like? Would it be to sit outside on a warm day eating fruit and enjoying the nice weather? Would it be gardening and connecting with nature? Would it be a life filled with your family, playing games and eating nice meals.

Find your inner joy, look for it outside of money.  Money is not success- Your happiness, joy and peace are your success.  Close your eyes for a few minutes and think of a perfect day for you. And chase that in life, chase your natural things that make you happy.  Don’t compare your life to Facebook, Instagram or Snap chat (most of those are fake for the camera anyway).  The moment you find the thing that makes you happy and makes you want to wake up in the morning, then my friend you have found that you will be living your best life.


2 thoughts on “Living Your Best Life!”

  1. This was a beautiful and eye opening read for you see I was just speaking to my youngest son yesterday about this so I think I will share this blog post with him and prayerfully he will be able to find some of the answers to the questions that he had to which I didn’t really have an answer. Thank you Gina for creating this blog blessings to you beautiful.

    1. Hi Sheila, Yes alot of people equate money with success. Although it is helpful and makes life easier. Even with my kids, I would love for them to be Dr’s or Lawyers or things that would bring in alot of money. But they wouldn’t be happy, so I told them to do the things they love to do and would want to go to work in the morning. And as a result, my oldest loves college (he has a year left) and he’s excited to get to work in his field. So it’s better to go after something you love and will make you happy. I also know someone who parents pushed them into a field they didn’t want to do, but was a high paying job, and they wind up dropping out of school and doing nothing in life.

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