When Is It Your Time?


Yesterday I was out looking for furniture for my Family Room. I will say Furniture Shopping is not fun for me. I remember going to several stores and one of the ladies asked me exactly what I was looking for. I told her I had 2 dogs, one who shed’s a lot.  I also told her I had 2 boys who like to lay down on the furniture and who might not be as clean as they should on it- I needed to go with a dark color. She then said OK so you told me what you NEED, what do you like though? She asked me my style of colors or things that I actually liked. I told her I like traditional style and she brought me to the most beautiful couch ever that was completely my style.  I looked at it and said wow, I wish I could get it.  But in the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t.  Not because I couldn’t afford it, but because I had to consider everyone else, besides myself. I thought, I like my house to be bright and beautiful and full of light and color. That would of been my choice. So I thought to myself, when is it my time? When can I just get things and enjoy things for myself?

I was reminded of a lady that used to work for me years ago. Her whole entire life was working, and her children (that were adults).  She would always pick up as many hours as she could from me.  Whenever I would ask her if she wanted hours she would always say yes.  The only time she would say no is if she was babysitting her grand kids.  This lady never took vacation days and work was her everything.  I remember I would say to her what do you do for fun? She told me nothing, just work and her kids / grand kids. She would say she was looking forward to turning 65 so she could retire and finally enjoy her life. Well that time never came.  Over the years of her working for me we became friends and it began to hurt me to see her working her life away.  She told me out of the blue one day she had Breast Cancer and it was at a advanced stage.  She worked until she couldn’t anymore.  One day her son called me and told me his mom had died.  He said she spoke highly of me and wanted to thank me for being a great person in his mother’s life.  She was only 52 when she died.

So I ask you when is it your time? We make all these long term retirement plans for years and years to come, and for some, that time never comes. We work our fingers to the bones barely living, working just to pay bills. Learn to do what makes you happy -Now, here on earth.  If you want something and you can afford to get it, just get it (if it’s practical).  I had to stop and evaluate my life.  When is my time? Now! I deserve to be happy, I deserve to get what I want.  God desires for us to live our life to the fullest and I believe if you work hard you should get the things you so desire. What I had to do was compromise, because my kids and dogs are still in the house I decided to go with what is practical, but I decided to create my own space.  Something I could be inspired in and feel simple and elegant at the same time.  And that was my bedroom. So in life you might not always get everything right away.  We do have to form to our surroundings, but at the same time make plans to accommodate some of your desires now. Also learn to make plans for the near future.  You have to have something to live for.  There needs to be a time in your life where your just doing you and your spouse.

After talking to my hubby, we decided when we move next year- the children will be grown, dogs will be able to be outside the majority of the time (moving to the south) and then we move we will get what we like and live life for us! We also talked about travelling more and just enjoying each other and ourselves more.  We don’t want to wait till we retire before we start to live, we want to live our best lives now.  I believe its what God meant when he said he will give us the desires of our heart. I urge you, find something that creates a great feeling, something that inspires and uplifts you and do it.



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